Will rap music rot my brain

Actually, there is no scientific evidence that rap is bad for your brain. Music psychologists and cognitive neuroscientists who study music and the brain have not shown that any certain genres of music make your brain "go haywire." In general, all music stimulates responses from wide-reaching areas of the brain, including the auditory cortex (which basically tells your brain it is hearing something), speech recognition areas including Wernicke's area (which tells your brain what the words you are hearing mean), parts of the limbic system (which tell your brain both what kind of emotion the music is expressing, and whether or not you feel any emotion in response to the music), and the cerebellum (which helps your brain organize movement, and in the case of music is what makes you want to synchronize, or tap your foot or head-bang or break dance in time with the music). Music psychologists *have* discovered that people with certain personality traits are more drawn to some kinds of music than others. While some personality traits can be linked the higher vulnerability to mental illness, these are very complex relationships, and it is not so simple as saying that one preference is 'bad' and another is 'good' for you. In fact, listening to music in general has been shown in studies to be good for you, regardless of genre! People who use specific strategies, like listening to music, to help manage or express their emotions, or to feel better about a bad situation, may be healthier than those who do not use music. So science says: If listening to rap makes you feel better and you enjoy it, then go ahead and listen to it (personally, I love Eminem)!

Emily Carlson, MT-BC (Board Certified Music Therapist)