Why is my breath hot

Was this a silly question or something?

Absolutely normal!  There is nothing to worry about!

The "normal" range for body temperature is 97 to 100 F and it will flucutate slightly throughout the day (exercise, external temperature, eating, etc. are all things that will cause it to vary slightly); 98.6 F is a "standard" average and is almost smack in the middle of these extremes.  In otherwords, while a temperature of 100 F may signify a fever in one indivual, it could  be perfectly "normal" in another.  It sounds like your core body temperature is close to the standard "average" - the fact it may get above 99 F every now and then is nothing to be concerned about.

Not a silly question at all.  Most people are probably still in bed!

Thanks spade - So the hot breath and so on could be due to anxiety or are they not anxiety symptoms?

I think it is something normal that you are "percieving" as abnormal because you likely have some health anxiety, it that makes sense.
For instance, you feel your breath is hot but your temperature is in the average range.  If you took your temperature orally, then your breath would likely be the same as the temperature inside your mouth.

You're probably right - For instance, last night I was sitting on the couch with my son while he was sleeping in my arms and I was watching America's got Talent. I was there for two hours with him and never once thought about my back being hot or my ears burning. My eyes burned but that's probably because I was watching tv in the dark. But right when I get in the car in the morning to come to work and my back hits that seat it feels abnormally hot - then everything else falls in line. I guess I just need to stay at home! hehehehe - nah that won't work.......I need to get being sick off my mind!!!! I'd love to join this family on here that I read about it. Yall seem like a nice bunch of people.

I have that "symptom" too!  I feel like I'm running a fever all the time and my body temp averages 97.8 !  I can feel an intense heat in my eyes, in the skin on my head, neck, back, and often feel chilled because of this "feverish" feeling.  I have noticed my breath feeling hot, but not daily.  I've had anxiety for 7 years.  At first I worried about it alot, but as time went on my "health" anxiety issues went on to "bigger and better things"  :-)  Hope this helps!

even i have the same problem for past 1 week.. i am a bit depressed too. i have hot breath, burning hot eyes and burning ears... but i dnt feel feverish... some times its unbearable tht i have to keep an icecube wrapped ina cloth onto ma eyes... am i suffering from anxiety disorder or some other medical problem?

well i thought i was the only one here having burning. my burning started off on my legs then as soon as that was over it then went on my hands, now its in my back, and trust me it burns like hell, funny enough when i put my hands on it i dont feel it on my hands, but if i sit back on a chair or the car seat i feel it, its not the best feeling in the world, hey now that i remember i did have some burning on my ears afew days ago, so trust me its all anxiety and you not alone

This is a sign of anxiety.  I get a burning sensation in my eyes and in my arms. And feel feverish too.  Right now I'm having hot breath and a burning sensation in my throat.  I think it is a bit of acid indigestion or gas, which are also symptoms of anxiety.  

Hi all

wat i have discovered is that its due to anxiety only.
you like to be busy all the time because the moment  you stop, this sick feeling haunts.
But we have to fight this alone, we cannot be running all the time in order to temporarily forget it.
No hill station, entertainment, spa, resorts can permanently cure this.
Meditation, Yoga with complete trust on God can be very helpfull.
This makes feel secure and relieving.

this is so strange, i thought it was just me. i feel like i have hot breath and my eyes feel hot. i think it's due to hyper awareness. its something all of us suffer from. we notice things that everyday people don't notice or pay attention to. i notice EVERY LITTLE THING that happens to my body. every twitch, ache, temp. change, etc. im constantly taking my temperature because i think i feel feverish with hot breath but it's NEVER above 99 degrees. i have even change thermometers several times because i think it cant be working right. i feel like when i breathe out it's hot, hot out of my mouth and nose. so weird. but at least we're not alone!

I am experiencing the same symptoms. I have been diagnosed with acid reflux disease. The doctor stated with a little diet and lifestyle change, the symptoms will clear. From my experience, the symptoms are getting better.

Thanks for all the responses, I googled for answers because I've been noticing that my breath is very hot today.  I don't have a thermometer, but I'm quite sure it's actually hotter to the touch than usual, not just hyperawareness or imagination on my part.  As it happens, I have been very stressed our the last few days and suffering from indigestion as a result, so it's good to know that the association is normal.

I had this problem frequently and I still get them once in a while. When I have this my breath becomes hot , and I have a weird sensation on my tongue, I constantly felt thirsty and my eyes burned. When I folded the back of my ears towards front I felt heat and my eyes by evening could not stand sharp light. I consulted many doctors and health councillors, and they all pointed it down to anxiety . I was even tested for diabetics and results came out negative. I spend thousands of pounds on private consultation, spa and health clubs.

I am an investment banker and I go to bed every night by 02:00 am and wake up 07:00 am. I had this routine for years and never complained about lack of sleep, 5 hrs sleep was enough for me to carry on with the days work.

I was returning from Japan one night and landed at Heathrow at 6 pm and went straight home. For a change instead of catching up with friends and office mates I fell asleep at about 9:30 pm and woke up at 7:00 am. I felt fresh a feeling I never had for a long time, it was magical I felt strength in every part of my body. My breath was cool and I had no sensation of heat on my body . From then on when ever I slept for 8 hrs the next day I will be energetic and fresh. I can't sleep everyday for 8 hrs but I try my best to do this at least thrice a week.

Friends try your best to catch up on your sleep and don't let it accumulate. One can work more if they sleep well. I no more believe in corporate concept of sleep less and work more, if you want to be productive and efficient sleep more.


I feel hot sometimes too (i.e. feverish) and have been doing a lot of temperature taking.  I would even switch thermometers to see if the temp is different (ex. temporal vs. ear).  I would always fall into the normal range, then after seeing that, I'd forget about it til the next time I felt hot. I do think this has to do with my anxiety -- and mine had started about the same time as I had / the family had some other illnesses floating around.  I guess I'm a little worried about them coming back. And when I'm distracted, it doesn't happen -- it's funny that you mentioned watching TV helped you not think about it - the same thing works for me ;)  I like Jerry's suggestion of getting enough sleep, too.

SAME problem
1. Hot breathe
2. Like a fire inside me
3. When my kids and wife hugs me then they  falls in sleep because of my body warmth. They say its very warming and comfortable
4. I fell anxious and burned inside. I feel powerful. I feel i can manage to bring some thing out of my body. I need help..!!...Please...

I have pretty much the same symptoms right now. I has not happened in a while. I was wondeing if any or you are relating this to gluten or allergies.

I have been of gluten most of the past year, but this week I ate several breads. And I am feeling ill, feverish and my breath is so hot that is drying up my lips. My mouth is hot and my head too. But my temperature is normal..

All I can think of is that the last time it happened, I also had went off my diet and ate some gluten containing bread.. anybody relating this to gluten or allergies (the pollen count is so high outside)

the same here, but this happens immediately after i had sex last time!! does it has anything to do with this.

Thank you very much Jerry, for this personal advice. I would rather take your practical advice than ending up myself dose with prescribe medications. Sleep really makes sense because once we dont get enough sleep every tiny detail (cells ) in our body systems is complaining and reacting resulting to being restless, tired and most especially burnt-out!! No wonder, this burning sensation that we are experiencing has something to do with lack of sleep!! So, human beings, what are we waiting for? Lets get enough sleep as part of our healthy-diet!!???


I feel so much better having read through these comments! My breath is SO hot but it feels like it's coming from my chest and up my throat. I have been anxious for about 8 months now, and because i'm a dragon i think talking to someone will really help.

I feel so much better having read through these comments! My breath is SO hot but it feels like it's coming from my chest and up my throat. I have been anxious for about 8 months now, and because i'm a dragon i think talking to someone will really help.

Well I know now that Im not crazy!  I'm a woman who is pretty healthy, but I do have anxiety and am super aware of changes in my body.   4 days ago when I was out I had 2 alcoholic drinks, came home and devoured a large piece of strawberry rhubarb pie then went directly to bed.  I woke up an hour later, my chest was burning and my breath and throat felt like they were on fire.  Water didn't help.  I had to put a fan on my nightstand to breathe in cooler air to help me relax, but the burning continued.  This was my 1st experience ever.  It was gone the next 3 days and I thought it was a one time deal, BUT.....tonight my husband and I went out for ice cream.  It made me feel a little nauseous.  After about 30 minutes, here comes the heat once again!  This time its not only my parched throat  but my right nostril and right  ear are also hot as well.  I am 60, a dance teacher in good health and have never experienced anything like this before.  I am seeing my doctor tomorrow but was afraid and searched online for help.  Thank God I am not alone.  It seems to be food related, but I have always been able to eat anything without issue.  Also another change I have experienced over the last few weeks is sweating after a meal, even in a cold air conditioned room.  I feel like a furnace!  If I get any answers I will also let everyone know what I learn from all this.  Thanks for listening!!

These are all symptoms of silent reflux. Google it. It causes hot breath, warm body with no temperature,  sinus problems,  hoarse to sore throat,  shortness of breath and even hot farts. Should be taken care of asap. Could cause esophageal cancer if untreated for a long time.  These are facts that I've read from long research online. I too am having this problem but haven't been diagnosed yet.