Why is liberalism unpopular

What "Liberal" originally meant was what the founding fathers intended--maximal civil liberties, limited federal government, and adherence to the constitution.

What "Liberal" means today is huge, powerful federal government that tells you what you can put into your body, what you can eat, etc. Liberals of today believe the government can run our lives better than we can and that we need to rely on the government for protection.

The founding fathers believed in rugged individualism, and they included the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms with other civil rights. Modern day liberals support gun control--a policy which has been shown time and time again to have no effect on violent crime. Hitler used gun control to disarm the Jews before the Holocaust. So did the leaders in Darfur before the modern day genocide. So did Castro. So did Communist Russia.

Laws only affect law-abiding citizens. Criminals ignore the laws--that's what makes them criminals. Banning things only makes them so profitable on the black market that people will kill for them (e.g. drugs). Drugs are illegal everywhere, but any high school student can get them. How would guns be different? Violence is already illegal. A gun doesn't magically turn a normal person into a violent killer.

Liberals of today talk about fighting for the little guy yet they continually make government more powerful and the little guy more dependent on government. They claim to want to help underprivileged people, but they end up doing them a disservice by making them reliant on the government.

The government is supposed to be "of the people, by the people, for the people," and they are supposed to be public servants--i.e. serve us. Liberals think they should rule us. They are supposed to be tolerant of differing beliefs, but in reality they are the least tolerant. They won't even debate on a network with a conservative slant. What have they got to hide? Republicans and other parties are subject to liberal bias on all other media networks, and yet they still debate on them.

Liberals do not trust their fellow Americans. They trust only themselves and the government. Yet, governments are the most corrupt beings of all. The worst atrocities in history have been committed by governments against their own people.

Liberals also believe in VERY high taxes. The government is horribly inefficient and wastes money more all the time. Yet liberals vote for more tax increases. Billions of dollars go unaccounted for each year--and that's not counting the debt. How do you "lose" BILLIONS of dollars every year and not find a trail of where it went? Then there's the increasing national debt.

Modern day "liberals" are what the original 13 colonies were fighting against in the Revolutionary War.

These are just some of the reasons that non-"liberals" have strong feelings against "liberals". That said, there exist negative names for all political affiliations.

A better party for what the founding fathers originally called "Liberal" is the modern day Libertarian Party. Give them a look. Basically, they support limited government, maximal civil liberties, low taxes, and no government intervention into our personal lives (i.e. don't tell us what to do with our bodies, or in our bedrooms, or who to marry, etc.).