Why is cross ventilation good


7. Fast refurbishment

The refurbishment can be completed very quickly, which allows the building occupants to have minimal disruption if you choose natural ventilation rather than mechanical ventilation. This may also enable you to avoid relocation of the building users while renovation takes place.


8. A better bottom line

Fewer and less expensive components and construction work are some of the contributing factors that make automated natural ventilation the low-cost option for a better indoor climate. Building life cycles cost (capital cost, operating cost and maintenance) are around 5 times cheaper with natural ventilation compared to mechanical ventilation, and 2.5 times cheaper with hybrid/mixed mode ventilation. Furthermore, there is an estimated payback of as little as 1 year, and an average ROI of at least 120% for natural ventilation and mixed-mode systems, due to the energy, health, and productivity benefits.


9. Minimal maintenance

There is little work to be done once the natural ventilation system is installed. With no filter replacement and no dirty ducts to be cleaned, time and resources can be spent on other things.


10. Healthy buildings and indoor climate

Studies show that occupants of buildings with natural ventilation have fewer building-related symptoms, such as headaches and eye irritation. Health expenses for occupants are also reduced by about 0.8 - 1.3% while also reducing respiratory illness, like asthma and allergies by up to 90%.

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