Why are goats afraid of water

During their search for more records of Goatropia, tragedy struck the Beard family once more.

Father and son were climbing down from a recently discovered cliff-cave, arms loaded with more ancient scrolls, when the senior Beard lost his footing and tumbled down the hillside.

In what can only be described as an ironic twist of fate, his final tumble landed him on the horns of a curious Ibex, (mountain goat), that had been watching them from below.

The force of his landing impaled Sparse on the goat's horns, and the fright of the impact caused the goat to charge off the hillside, with Harry's father firmly attached to his head, and disappear into the the wooded lands beyond.

They never found Sparticus' body, and young Harry, at 11 years old, was left with the burden of completing his father's quest.

It took another twenty years of study, but following the clues in that final batch of scrolls, Harry finally discovered the truth of Goatropia, and why goats don't like rain.