Who would win Gilthunder or Kakashi

@silentnightz: First of all EMS Sasuke never fought the raikage, it was MS Sasuke, secondly it has been established that lightning in naruto is faster than real life lightning based on zetsu's statement.

And regarding your counter argument...

• Sasuke can use snakes as meat shields like he did against deidara's c2 explosives.

• sasuke will surely be hurt by some of his attacks ( but we know he hit himself with chidori to diffuse the nano bombs he inhaled against deidara, and he took fire style technique with CM2 wings and also some explosives from deidara, not to mention he can use oral rebirth, substitution, and snakes as meat shields for defence so I'd say he'll be okay regardless) , but then again gilthunder is not as versatile, he attacks with lightning bolts and engages in cqc, lightning bolts wont really put down sasuke when we know kakashi could cut lightning bolt with raikiri and he stopped kakuzu's raiton attacks with raikiri meaning sasuke could do the same and stop lightning attacks with lightning.

• I am not saying sasuke infinitely spams substitution, just saying its an option he has which can be used to avoid a lethal attack. And yea sasuke does use substitution especially hebi sasuke who was smarter in battle. He used it against deidara.

And then for additional points as to why sasuke wins;

• Kirin - on a normal ground kirin is hard to prep but sasuke facing someone that changes the weather works to his advantage, it'll be much easier for him to prep kirin considering Gil forms clouds while attacking with lightning bolts, sasuke's kirin is above anything Gil tanked and will oneshot him.

• Genjutsu - Gil literally has no way of defending against that.

And gilthunder doesn't really have the higher AP like you suggest.