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The Top Burstcoin Mining Pools You Could Join

Ever since majority of the crypto world acknowledged pooled mining, it became more profitable than the solo performance. Everybody is seeking for the best pool to settle with. Combining plotting capacity delivers way more frequent but smaller profit. Today I will go over the best Burstcoin mining pools, explaining the uniqueness of mining this coin, therefore I will examine every aspect.

As I suggested earlier, it is best to participate in the Burstcoin mining process with other miners to optimize your Burst income and make it a regular one. There are many different pools divided by different criteria like location, market share, rewarding system and fees. I gathered and simplified that information for you in this article. So, if you are eager to learn more, just keep reading.

Burst (BURST)

$ 0.0041 USD (2.33%)

€ 0.0037 EUR (2.33%)

1.00000000 BURST

Total Hashrate: N/A
Difficulty Level:N/A
Actual Block Reward: 1,660.00 BURST

Best Burstcoin mining pools

Before we dive into the subject, I want to point one major and very significant difference between Burstcoin and all other coins. Burst uses Proof of Capacity consensus mechanism, using your hard-drive to mine instead of CPU or GPU, the bright side is that ASIC miners are out of the equation. The hash rate is now called “plot size” and it’s based on the amount of hard-drive capacity which you dedicate to the blockchain. You should seek for the Burst pool with the biggest plot size, because the bigger the plot is, the more frequent your income will be. Here is the list of the best Burstcoin mining pools that I carefully selected for you:

Pool WebsiteMarket Share/Hash PWR*Server LocationsReward SystemPool FeeGet all Details
  • PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares)

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  • PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares)

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  • PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares)

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  • PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares)

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*The data used is constantly changing, that is why it is not advisable to take it as constant value.

You should aim at the closest Burstcoin pool to you. Literally that will improve your mining performance, because you will have lower internet latency, which will reflect on the reporting speed regarding every newly found block. To help you choose the best one for mining Burstcoin, check my article about “how to choose the right mining pool”. There you will find all elements, that can affect your decision.

Another factor that you should overview is the rewarding system of the pool. It is always best to be aware of all abbreviations and specifications, so have a look at “Mining pools reward systems”

Since there are many Burstcoin pools, it is not necessary to stick with only one. You can easily split your working capacity and dedicate certain parts among different ones. By doing it this way, you will ensure that in case one of the pools is out of service, your mining process will continue, and you will reduce the losses.

Comparison of Mining pools without registration

If you want to, you can sign up and register an account and receive daily reports of your Burst mining achievements on your email address. Or, if you are concerned about privacy and prefer to be incognito, join a Burstcoin pool without registration. Probably, you are asking yourself now “how to mine without registration?”. I will explain in a bit. You will be able to check the performance but manually only, after you enter your wallet’s public address into the pool’s website. First, have a look at the best Burst mining pools without registration:

NameFeePool UrlWorkerPassword
burstcoin.space2.00%pool.burstcoin.space:8124Your Public BURST AddressAny
burstmining.club2.00%pool.burstmining.club:8124Your Public BURST AddressAny
voiplanparty.com0.25%voiplanparty.com:8124Your Public BURST AddressAny

BURST is mined with GPU cards, that is why its pools operate using the same hardware for more efficiency and safety. In order to join, download the software, run it, locate the “pool URL address” and then enter the quick start configuration I have provided. For the purpose of avoiding any mistakes, you can just copy/paste it.

Create your own Burst mining pool

After I reviewed the key aspect of Burstcoin mining pools, how about creating one on your own? I won’t mislead you and tell its easy, when it is not, but that does not make it impossible. The most important asset is the technical knowledge followed by time investment. Setting a pool is a tricky task but for that reason I have a video guide so have a look:

Step by Step Video Guide for setting up Your own Burst Mining Pool

If you want to save time and money, just rent the VPS with those minimum requirements. Doing so, you will be able to maintain certain number of miners. What is more, while the number is increasing, the technical base must be upgraded.

You can start with a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with minimum:

  • Two CPU cores
  • 4GB RAM memory free space
  • A bunch of 500GB free storage to hold the coin’s blockchain history
  • Bandwidth usage with no limits (as a matter of fact, this is the incoming and outgoing traffic, depending on how much users are connected to your full-node, in tandem with the time for block synchronization)
  • Dedicated and public IP address is a top-notch requirement too

Where are the Burstcoin pools based?

From a demographic point of view, Burstcoin mining pools are spread all around the world. Which is great, because that insures proper and stable connection with low latency from everywhere on the world map. The majority of the pools are stationed in North America, mostly in USA and Canada. In Europe you can find such in Bulgaria, Germany and Romania. I presume, because of the cheap electricity in Asia, they prefer to use GPU or ASICs to mine more popular coins with higher market values.

Centralization of Burst mining pools

About 50% of all the hash power is distributed among the top pools, leaving a chance for centralization of the power. However, it is unlikely for a 51% attack (a case, in which someone is controlling more than half of the power interferes with the network) to happen. Nevertheless, keeping the network decentralized is possible by joining smaller pools. Be part of the bigger picture and stay involved in the network’s decentralization. This paint a very good picture, as it shows that the network is far from a 51% attack. Such dangerous attack occurs when someone holds more than half of the hashing power and abuses it for their own profit. Since BURST emphasize on their strong security and are currently resistant to the use of ASIC hardware, the likelihood of such attack happening is considered small. However, in case you see a chance of this occurring within the pool you mine in, I strongly advise you to leave it and join a smaller one to help distribute the mining power fairly.

Pool Distribution (calculate by blocks)
PoolHashrate Share











Other pools


How Burstcoin mining pools developed over time?

Burstcoin was generated on the 10th of August 2014 as an NXT based cryptocurrency. On the next day the genesis block was forged. Burst is innovative and revolutionary using POC (proof of capacity) or with other words, mining is done with hard-drive capacity. No more energy waste and high electricity bills.

If we compare the consumption of the Bitcoin network per transaction, that would be 1000KW per hour, with Burst its only 0.0024KW per hour, amazing right?

On July 2017 the network was attacked for the first time. Spammer flooded it with massages causing multiple forks. The whole community was trembling for several days, afterwards the developers successfully brought everything to its normal state, but the damage was already done. The overall price of Burstcoin and its rating across the web was ruined.

As one of the firstly developed Proof-of-Capacity coins, Burst will continue to lead the revolution and push forward the idea of one more accessible, cheaper and practical type of mining.


Which algorithm is using Burst?

The algorithm supported is Shabal256.

How to connect to a Burst mining pool?

The URL address usually is posted on the pool’s webpage, you need to copy/paste it into your mining software configuration.

What is the BurstCoin block reward?

The current block reward is 1,660.0 BURST.

Alexander May

With consistent industry knowledge and a proven track record in implementing strategic mining pool diversification strategies, Alexander is a passionate supporter of cryptocurrency mining. He stands behind the idea of building decentralized economies to alleviate global inequality.