Which is better BITS GOA or VNIT


I have friends studying in DTU and so, I can say with a firm conviction that unless you are from Delhi (which you are not), there is no point in opting for DTU. There are over 1600 students in a batch ( student->faculty ratio is disastrous) and in terms of internet connectivity (important because you live inside the college 24*7), a top NIT would beat DTU any day. It has built up a lot of reputation over the years, but now, things don’t look great. Placements are awesome across all top NITs, DTU, NSIT, so that is not a parameter by which you can judge these colleges.

Also, they have a weird percentage system. For example, a student with a CGPA of at least 8.0 or 80% gets 3/3 for admissions in IIM-A. My friend has a percentage of around 75 and according to him that’s great by his branch’s standards. But, for future studies -> not so good. On the other hand, getting a CGPA of 8 is easier at NITs or BITS. I have come across multiple situations where an organization converts CGPA to %age by multiplying it by 10. Although that’s silly because they are not related in any manner, but that’s how it works.

DTU is a great institution however and DTUians will get real angry about me writing allthis. But, there are problems which only the present “DTU” batch can talk about. The NITs too would have some problems, but those are not unique to NITs but to all government run premier institutions outside the old IITs.

I am sorry about writing these things about DTU. Please feel free to comment if I have gone wrong, and I shall update the answer + you will also get a free apology.


A top NIT has about 800 students with a similar number of companies visiting. So, if you are taking CS or EEE in a top NIT, you would have much lesser competition. I guess the number is as good, if not better in BITS Hyderabad or Goa.

The only negative of joining a top NIT in Trichy, Warangal, Surathkal is that neither of these are mega-cities. Trichy campus is far away from the city. Surathkal is a village about 20 kms from Mangalore. Warangal is a decent city but not a great place. BITS Hyderabad is much better in this matter.

Faculty is okay, not great on average. However, every semester, you will definitely meet a couple of professors who are really good. Don’t expect anything more than that.


These are good institutions but don’t match up to the top 5 NITs in terms of reputation. Placements are equal. As a matter of fact, apart from a few handful companies which visit only the top 3 or 5 IITs, most companies visit the top 20 colleges in India. You don’t have to worry about placements once you are in any of them.

The only reason why I would not suggest BITS Hyd, Goa is because of the cost involved. You will spend about 8 lacs on BITS but only 2.5 lacs in NITs ( all inclusive – 4 years). All the top NITs have amazing hostel and internet facilities, so you won’t feel like you are studying in some hopeless government college. Placements. future studies and everything else put together, the top NITs have a brand value of their own and BITS Hyd, Goa student can leverage the reputation of the giant – BITS Pilani.

Cannot comment about the quality of faculty in BITS Hyd, Goa.

I really don’t see any reason why anyone should shell out another 5 lacs for BITS Hyd, Goa.

Other Things:

No drop + No need to think about other colleges. Chill. BIT Mesra is decent, but you don’t need to go for that at your JEE Main’ rank/BITS Score. Plus, a BITS Pilani (main campus) dual degree is a good option. But, that would mean that you would have to waste a year, spend 10 lacs and get a similarly paid job (It all depends upon you!) If you are interested in MS, just go for Pilani and take a relevant dual subject.

If I were you, I would take up CS in the following order and forget about the other branches. Just fill up the choices and take the best possible. You can think about stretching to ECE at max.

  • Top 3 NITs – W,T,K (Choose one closest to you. They are same. No meaningful research work although you’ll hear great things once in a while. Placement and faculty wise-> EQUAL.
  • NIT Allahabad, DTU (You might want to take up Software or IT in DTU if you are really interested)
  • BITS HYD, NIT Calicut
  • BITS Goa (Below HYD, because HYD is awesome and you can actually afford to work for startups in Hyderabad side by side. Now that’s something)
  • NIT Jaipur ( You’ll definitely get CS here)
  • Play with the other choices. You don’t have to worry about anything else after Jaipur.

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