Which Indian Airlines serve best meals

Indian passengers are often aghast at the quality of food served in Indian airlines.

Business Insider has compiled the 3 best meals you can indulge yourself in when you’re traveling between Indian cities:

1. Business Class

Image credit: Bangalore aviation

Vistara is out to top the list with the hospitality and food quality it offers. Business Class guests are escorted to their seats, and treated to opulent meals on board.

Taj SATS flight kitchen churns out sumptuous fare for its guests. Even the breakfast is broken into two courses.

2. Première

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Jet Airways comes in next. However, it’s nowhere close to the Vistara experience.

Jet offers an array of special meals like Diabetic Meal (DBML), Low Cholesterol (LFML), Low Sodium (LSML), Low Calorie (LCML), Low Protein (LPML), Non Lactose Meal (NLML) and No Salt (NSML). All these have Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian options.

For those tight on budget, Jet Airways now offers meals even on its subsidiary JetKonnect.

3. Indigo

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While Indigo has no separate Business Class, or free meals, however the quality and packaging of the food offered in its buy-on board in-flight meal programme has gathered much acclaim. So if you’re looking for perfect value, this might be your choice.

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