Which are the best earphones available online

So you’ve decided to ditch the poor headphones included with your phone or media player and invest in some better headphones in which to enjoy your music collection. A fine decision, dear reader, but there are hundreds of models out there for sale, and it can be hard to tell which ones are the best value for money. That’s why we’re going to run down some of our very favorite headphones for less than £100 and hopefully netting you a seriously good pair of headphones without sending your bank manager off to cry in a corner. So without further to do, let’s dive right on in.

Audio Technica ATH-CKM55 – £55:

A lovely little in ear pair, these super cheap Audio Technica’s might not be masterpieces of design, but they do sound great. Taut bass, clean delivery and a good deal of precision. They’re also very comfortable, which makes them great for long listening sessions.

Beyerdynamic DTX50 – £60:

As a step up from your built in buds, these are a beautiful little pair that have a nice little habit of finding detail in recordings that you didn’t think were there before. Beyer spent a good long while working out the ergonomics of the set, so they fit in your ears comfortably and provide a really nice fit. As a consequence of this though, the buds do get quite far into your ears, something which could make some people uncomfortable.

Ultimate Ears SuperFi 3 Studio – £60:

Ultimate Ears have made a name for themselves over some years now for having excellent headphones at many price points, and this is also true in their low end SuperFi 3 buds. We enjoyed their wide open sound, comfortable build and plenty of built in accessories, they’re a really dynamic pair that are worth a look in.

Plantronics Backbeat 903 – £60 or Less:

Wireless! Is it a gimmick? Maybe, but this Plantronics set offer up a detailed, open delivery, comfort and a solid connection for those who are desperate to cut the cords. We found that having your headphones separated from your device makes running much more simple, as well as navigating public transport without having to worry about cable snags.

Shure SE102 – £75 or less:

How many of us have had cord mishaps with our headphones? Alright, hands down now. This Shure set have a great quality cord, super comfy buds and -most importantly- really nice audio quality. Balanced and engaging, they constantly impress.

Grado iGi – £90 or less:

Our last set on this list come from Grado, and whilst holding the highest price tag on the list, their sound quality more than makes up for the extra expenditure required to get them into your ears. Loading your media player with high quality recordings and getting them working will reveal tight bass, clear mids and sparkling highs that never get lost in the instrument jumble. We’re big fans, and think you will be too.

Holly Powell

Holly Powell writes for Gimmi on the very latest and greatest gadgets.