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Legendary Yo-Kai (レジェンド妖怪,Rejendo Youkai, Legend Yo-Kai?) are a select group of powerful Yo-Kai that can only be befriended after filling special pages in the Yo-Kai dictionary by collecting certain sets of Yo-Kai medals, different for each one. Every Yo-Kai in this group is S ranked, and each one represents one of the eight primary classes.

Five of these Yo-Kai were introduced in the first Yo-Kai Watch video game, representing the Isamashi, Fushigi, Pokapoka, Bukimi, and Goketsu classes. In Yo-Kai Watch 2: Ganso and Honke, three more Yo-Kai representing the Pretty, Usurakage and Nyororon classes were introduced, completing the set of eight.

Summoning Chant[edit | edit source]

Legend Yo-Kai have an unique summoning chant which plays instead of the regular ones. In the anime and when playing with the toys, their chant is: "Imaginary! Incendiary! Flip flop! Squiggle boom! Slim slam! Legendary!" (レジェーンド!レジェーンド!ブッタマゲーンドー! Rejēndo! Rejēndo! Buttamagēndō!, "Legend! Legend! Amazing!").

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