What was your experience of Generation Gap

Generation Gap means that there has been a huge difference in ideas, concepts, and notions between the young and old age people. In other words, we can say that generation gap is increasing day by day between young and old people. Apart from that, the advancement in technology is increasing day by day, and a lot of new changes develops in science. So everyone can see the rapid changes in science and education in recent years. It can be said that these are the basic reasons to increase the generation gap between young and old people. Nowadays, the generation gap is more pervading and perceptible among generations. So there is needed to take steps to curb this problem.

Apart from that, Old Generation always follows rational thinking and social awakening to sort out their problems. But new generations have overthrown traditional and conventional notions from their life. Which the older people never deemed to flout and disrespect others. As a difference in their views, a gap between them is enlarging day by day.

Furthermore, Modern Political Thinking has totally changed the new generation. They always look for a break from the past, blaze and burning fire for new trials and they want to do something new in their life. The new generation always ready to accept something new and always ready to take risks and experiments. In other words, we can say that Modern thinking has instilled the free spirit, self-consciousness in the young that does not exist in the old generation. Fast advanced technology has made new changes in society and makes an inevitable impact on the minds of the young.

Besides, Modern Generation chases the modernism in their life. They feel that addiction to more drugs and alcoholism is a fashion. So they ready every moment to follow this new change in their life. But New Generation adopts social aberrations, as a result, there is a clash between old values and emerging ones. Moreover, the new generation has no more faith in established ways of thinking. It can be noticed that most people in the age of fifty don’t like the habits and ways of the current generation. Old Generation is adopting puritanical and straitjacket attitude that is opposite to confident, assertive and daring nature of the young.

In conclusion, we can say that generation gap can be reduced and bridged to some extent, if the elderly treat with youngsters politely, sympathy and understanding. It is the responsibility of elder ones to make friendly relation with the younger ones. Elders should always try to accommodate and adjust with the behaviour of younger ones to make a balance in their relationship. The elder generation is supposed to be mature, far-sighted and experienced whereas young people are ignorant, rash, impetuous and defiant. The elders should be humble and polite rather than show their rebellious attitude to youngsters. In other words, we are saying that the relationship between the old and young should be the host-guest relationship. If this relationship exists in both of them, the generation gap can be bridged to a great extent.

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