What ruins an anime for you

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What ruins an anime for you?

For me, it's fanservice. The ridiculous sized breasts and panty shots ruin it for me.
Also Loli's ._.

And just wanted to know... How many people would actually like an anime where the protagonist or good guy loses and dies?
If anyone knows if theres a anime like this, tell me please
Blatantly stupid tactics...
Most recent ep of aldnoah ep as an example.
Enemy mech is appears to absorb everything it touches including the rounds we shoot at it. Better run straight for it with my knife...
Running late for school with toast in mouth.
What about Curry... or noodles?
Trap characters

To answer your other question look into Gantz.
Feb 15, 2005
Well, I don't like whiny characters, but it's pretty hard for an anime to be ruined for me. I suppose if a show goes too far to the point of making me feel uncomfortable then yeah...it's ruined.
-Beta main characters/unlikable characters
-Asspulls that come out of nowhere
-Fanservice/Ecchi that borders on an actual hentai
-Damsels in Distress
-Overpowered heroes with zero personalities
-Poorly written stories
-Cliched romance stories that are completely transparent
-Perverted characters
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Overly perverted characters, perverted characters are fine. But, characters that think of something perverted in every sentence are the worst.

Long intros that are boring, wouldn't dislike a show because of it.

When a great show suddenly became really boring or off putting.

Trap characters, characters that look really feminine and actually are boys. A.k.a. Haku from Naruto.... by the way i'm a boy.


Pluto, forgive but never forget.
Mar 26, 2013
Reused animations like the way they bob up and down in naruto jumping through the trees.

Instead of fighting they just stare each other down and have inner monologues.

just swinging their sword or weapons the same way over and over again and they always hit each others so they swing again.

Stupid comedy like in black butler when someone tries to shoot a werewolf with a shotgun only for streamers and confetti to come out.

Females that are obsessed with yaoi.

Having to say the name of an attack to use it.
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