What is the SMS Gateway API

Our goal, once you are signed up (Twilio offers a free trial), is to have you sending SMS messages in minutes - not weeks.

A Reliable SMS API to Empower Quick Development

For every step on your communications journey, Twilio is here to help.

Once you have the base 'sending SMS' case working, we've got a wide variety of sample applications, quickstarts, guides and tutorials on our Documentation site. We have snippets and samples for all of our core supported web languages (and sometimes other languages), example Curl commands, and a variety of best practices and troubleshooting tips for basic and advanced applications.

Twilio also offers a best in class SMS API, with low latency, high delivery, a very large number inventory, and downtime measured in just minutes annually. Twilio Sales is eager to talk through your business's unique challenges and requirements, and our Support team is ready to help you through any roadblocks.

Get started with Twilio's SMS API today... we can't wait to see what you build.

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