What is the meaning of CECT

from your wards it seems that your laboratory and sonar findings are within normal, but your persistent complain makes your physician to ask for CECT for your abdomen to clarify the cause of diarrhea, about CECT it means CT examination to the abdomen using certain medical dye solution to be given to you intravenously and another medical dye solution will be given orally by mixing it with water or palatable juice, it is important to opacify the bowel to check any abnormality, it is not painful but before it we have to check your kidney function test to avoid any harmful effect on your kidney if it is diseased, also we have to check you sensitivity to medication to keep in mind before using this contrast, anyway there is new generations of contrast more safer you can use it.
and about frequent motions, I think it can do a little effect on your body weight according to the period of the complain, but it hasn't a gross effect in your growth.
I hope that explanation is enough for you and I will be happy if you inform me about the CECT report when you do it to reassure you.
hoping you to be fine soon.
Dr. Ayman Elsifey

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