What is Assure


[ uh-shoo r, uh-shur ]

/ əˈʃʊər, əˈʃɜr /


verb (used with object),as·sured,as·sur·ing.

to declare earnestly to; inform or tell positively; state with confidence to: She assured us that everything would turn out all right.

to cause to know surely; reassure: He assured himself that no one was left on the bus.

to pledge or promise; give surety of; guarantee: He was assured a job in the spring.

to make (a future event) sure; ensure: This contract assures the company's profit this month.

to secure or confirm; render safe or stable: to assure a person's position.

to give confidence to; encourage.

Chiefly British. to insure, as against loss.

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Origin of assure

1325–75;Middle Englishas(e)uren, assuren < Old Frenchaseurer < Late Latinassēcūrāre, equivalent to Latinas-as- + sēcūr- (see secure) + -ā- thematic vowel + -re infinitive suffix


as·sur·er, as·su·ror, nounin·ter·as·sure, verb (used with object),in·ter·as·sured,in·ter·as·sur·ing.pre·as·sure, verb (used with object),pre·as·sured,pre·as·sur·ing.un·as·sur·ing, adjective

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Examples from the Web for assure

  • Having known a few presidents myself, I can assure you that there is little time to truly unwind, even on “vacation.”

    Yes, Obama Was Right to Golf After Foley|Daniel G. Hill|August 30, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • "I assure you that maman's doing it on purpose," Liza thought necessary to explain to Shatov.

    The Possessed|Fyodor Dostoevsky

  • To assure himself, he raised her arm, which remained in the air until he placed it on the bed.

    Conscience, Complete|Hector Malot

  • On a 1200 calorie schedule arranged as I have it you will not be hungry, I assure you.

    Diet and Health|Lulu Hunt Peters

  • I assure you it was a very "bad quarter of an hour" we passed in that boat; getting into it was difficult enough.

    Station Life in New Zealand|Lady Barker

  • A week after, the fierce battle of Prague was fought—I can assure you your son behaved like a brave soldier.

    The Robbers|Friedrich Schiller

British Dictionary definitions for assure


verb(tr; may take a clause as object)

to cause to feel sure or certain; convinceto assure a person of one's love

to promise; guaranteehe assured us that he would come

to state positively or with assurance

to make (an event) certain; ensure

mainlyBritishto insure against loss, esp of life

property law another word for convey

Derived forms of assure

assurable, adjectiveassurer, noun

Word Origin for assure

C14: from Old French aseürer to assure, from Medieval Latin assēcūrāre to secure or make sure, from sēcūrussecure

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