What is a romantic novel

Another favorite from our associate director of SEO Erica Murphy, The Truth About Forever is an unexpected story you can appreciate at any age.

She says, "I’m 28, yet my favorite book is a YA novel. I’ve read this book probably once a year since I first discovered it when I was around 16 years old. Each time, I discover new phrases, new things about the characters, and new reasons to love it even more. 

"The story follows a high school girl who has just had a major tragedy happen to her family. In trying to be strong for everyone else around her, she shuts down. It takes a new job working for a catering company — and a new guy — to help her feel like a normal teenager again who’s still allowed to have fun, despite what has happened. 

"I was in Berlin recently and had to take a train during peak morning rush hour. As typical on public transportation, I was looking at all the people around me, and one particular woman caught my eye. She was reading The Truth About Forever, which proved to me how great of a book it really is — if Berliners are reading it." 

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