What film camera do you recommend

Non-digital cameras are called film cameras. Or to be more specific, '35 millimeter film cameras'.

As with digital, they come in 2 flavors: compact cameras, small cameras where the lens is built into the camera, and SLR cameras (single lens reflex), which are better for serious photographers, where you can remove the lens and buy separate lenses.

These days, companies are stopping to make film cameras and you can get great deals on used SLR cameras with one or two lenses included for just $200. With film cameras (as with digital) you can't go wrong with anything by Nikon or Canon.

For a more precise recommendation, I'd have to know more about what you expect from your camera. Every camera comes with a different set of features. Some people need all the features they can get. Others prefer a simple camera with just one or two buttons. Some people need a camera that can stop a bullet and keep working, others don't want to pay extra for that kind of build quality, or don't want to lug that kind of weight around. So it all depends.

A few final considerations: digital cameras are just as good as the old film cameras, so that's not a reason to stick with film. Also, film cameras are cheaper to buy, but they are much more expensive in the long run. With film, you have to buy a roll of film and develop it every 36 shots. With digital, you can shoot as much as you want for free!