What do combat divers do

This isn't really answering your question, but if you want to go in as a combat diver I would go in to the Army or Navy. Army combat divers are considered the most elite in the world, SEALs are considered combat divers. So with that logic Army combat divers are more elite then SEALs. Marines are not as elite as everyone thinks. I'm not saying that they're worthless, but when you actually do the research the Army comes out as a better trained more advanced branch. I believe that Force Recon is as close to combat diver in the Marines that you will get.

P.S. Don't believe all the Marine hype. They say "First in, last out". They have NEVER been "first in or last out" during any war. Marine Corps boot camp is 12 weeks, but if you go Army infantry, which is the base for Airborne School, Ranger School, Special Forces Training, Combat Diver school, etc., you'll be in basic/OSUT for 16 weeks. And you'll focus more on Combat training in the Army then you will in the Marines. You continue training with your unit as well. You never stop. With the Marines, during a time of peace you're more likely to be protecting Navy officers aboard Navy ships. The Marines are still Department of the Navy and their doctrine is that they are security for the Navy and stationed aboard ships to protect Navy officers from mutinous crew. That's why they guard embassies, because they are security. I'm not knocking the Corps down, but I felt I should just clear up some of missunderstandings. Anyone who thinks the Marines are more elite are either brainwashed or don't know **** about the military, or both. Good luck to you whatever you choose.

Source(s): U.S. Army Airborne Infantry