What bird can replace a guard dog

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Dogs and chickens can be best friends or worst enemies.

Honestly, the correlation between these two species depends on many things, such as breeds, the owner, and his/her capability to train them, the characters of the particular animals etc.

There are however some dog breeds that are particularly famous for their abilities to keep their poultry safe.

This is what made us, the typesofchicken.com team to prepare for our readers an article about the best dog breeds that can keep you, your family and your poultry safe and show pure loyalty.

1. The Akbash

The Dog

A very large breed by nature and originating from Turkey, the size of The Akbash matches their intelligence and ability to recognize friend from foe.

Very friendly towards you and your poultry, in a calm situation they remain calm and enjoy chilling around your property. Very observant they can fend off most of the predators that can attack your chickens.

With long legs and a white coat, the Akbash is very scary for those who do not understand their peaceful nature.

The Dog’s effect on your flock

As with any dog, it is best if you raise them together with your chickens. Introducing a pup to your flock will make it easier for your chickens to get used to it and gain trust.

If you introduce an all grown up Akbash to your flock it may be a bit dangerous because of the natural large size of the dog.

2. The Komondor

The Dog

Muscular and heavy, originating from Hungary the Komondor are considered one of the largest dog breeds in the world.

With their long white coat, the Komondor can blend in almost perfectly with a flock of sheep.

What you need to know about this breed is that sometimes they tend to get overprotective and attack innocent strangers. When they see a Komondor people may get a bit confused because their fur natural look is like it is dirty but in actuality no matter how much you groom it the natural hair will still get “greasy” and knotted.

The Dog’s effect on your flock

As we mentioned above it is best to introduce the dog at its early stages of life so that the chickens can get used to it and vice versa.

Because of the natural dirty look of the Komondor introducing a big scary dog to your flock may lead to the chickens pecking at it out of fear.

But if you raise a good and well-mannered Komondor along with your flock you will never have to be afraid of any predator disturbing your flock.

3. The Tibetian Mastiff

The Dog

The Tibetian Mastiff is not an actual Mastiff but the name is added because of their large size.

They require a lot of training and patience, but if properly prepared they can be sufficient guard dogs. Their size and natural instincts can make them a huge threat to any predator that can attack your poultry.

What is different with this breed is that they are very active during the night.

The Dog’s effect on your flock

Don’t train this dog unless you are sure that you can do it properly.

It is most important in this case that you train your Tibetian Mastiff in your chicken`s presence.

But because they are very active during the night the effort and money you put into this dog will pay off due to a feeling of safety you get.

4. The Pyrenean Mastiff

The Dog

Unlike the Tibetian Mastiff, the Pyrenean actually is one of the Mastiffs around the world.

A white coat with black/grey spots you can rely on this dog breed to keep you, your family and your chickens protected.

Known for their high levels of toleration with the flock and people close to them the Pyrenean Mastiffs are one of those breeds that if you want to properly train you to need start that at the puppy age.

This is very important to know before deciding to get your own Pyrenean Mastiff.

The Dog’s effect on your flock

The Pyrenean Mastiffs are known for their tolerance.

This makes them one of the best breeds that you can raise along with your flock of chickens. Your curious chickens will be able to take a look at the dog and get familiar with the small Pyrenean Mastiff.

And just because they are patient and tolerant that does not make them bad guard dogs, the Pyrenean Mastiff can be deadly to predators.

5. The Pyrenean Mountain Dog

The dog

Unlike their Mastiff cousins, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog has a history of being a guard dog.

This makes it easier for them to adapt to the environment around your poultry. They are also very good with small and gentle animals.

Much like the Tibetian Mastiff, this breed is also known for staying aware and awake during the night which can help you a lot if you have a problem with more adaptable predators such as foxes and hyenas.

The Dog’s effect on your flock

Well, this is the dog you want to have near your chicks.

I have personally seen a Pyrenean Mountain Dog playing with 6 pullets and 2 cockerels – AMAZING. When you introduce a pup of this breed to a well-maintained flock, you will have a great time raising these two species together.

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