What are SQ5R and Cornell notes

After the next step, reciting, you will have filtered out the main ideas and concepts that relate to the notes you have taken. These will go into the small left column.

After reviewing the material, explaining it to a friend and completing any notes, you will fill in the bottom part of the paper. This will be your concluding point, summarising the theme mentioned at the top.

Since this technique works well to make sense of complex ideas and theories it is widely used in fields such as biology, history, and psychology. However, SQ5R can be applied to almost any academic reading.

If you’d like some more guidance for how to use this technique in combination with the Cornell note-taking system, check out the below video. This video references the SQ4R technique (Read, Respond, Record, Review), but the general workings remain the same for SQ5R.

A bit more detail on the actual note-taking is covered in the below video where a history text on slavery is covered.

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