Should we be paid to have kids

  • Kids shouldn't get payed.

    Kids should not get payed.Why should they get payed for something their supposed to do.Parent have it rough the last thing they would want to do after paying the bills and going clothes and food shopping is to pay their kid for something their supposed to.Parents pay their kids back by buying them food,clothes,shoes,games etc....So they should not get payed.

  • I Think kids should not get money from their parents for doing chores.

    My first reason is that Our parents take care of us that's already spending money. My second reason is that our parents have two pay bills for us because we take bath's use electricity and other stuff. My third reason is Our parents buy clothes or things we want. My fourth reason is that Money is not important because we have our parents that is important to us. That's why i think kids should not get paid over chores.

  • No kids do not need money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No because kids live free free food,tv,bed,school,clothes. Kids have it very easy compared to adults.Every adult has to pay bills,buy food,buy clothes,and accesories for their houses.Also,Adults have to but houses. Adults do what ever they can to give their children what ever they want. But,the children still want to wine,complain,and pout about stuff when they really get live easy.

  • I say that because..

    Our parents are always working all day and paying us is like we are making them work just for money. My second reason is that our parents feed us, make sure the light are on, putting clothing on our back, buying gifts, and giving us care. I love my mom and I will never use her. I'm really glad my mom have not kicked me out her house!

  • Kids shouldn't get paid to do chores

    Kids shouldn't get paid for doing chores because the parents buy everything .Them paying you is them buying you snacks,new shoes,games and toys.Also putting a roof over your head. The only way i think parents would pay you is if you pay the bills,you buy the food and you clean the house.Other then that kids should not get paid.

  • Kids should NOT get paid for doing their chores.

    Kids should not get paid for doing their chores. I think this because some kids know that their parents don't have a lot of money, but they don't care. The parent might have a hard time at finding work. If the parent keep giving you the money he or she can't pay the bills for you to clean then you guys will be living on the street. Children will get spoiled as well if the get paid. Besides the parent make sure that their kids get food, clothes, education, and a roof. You should be thankful and do all of your chores.

  • No kids shouldn't get paid for doing their chores.

    Kids shouldn't get paid because that is what they are supposed to do any way. The parents also get you clothes, shoes, and they put food in your mouth isn't that enough? Your parents do everything for you. Your parents get you everything you want and they get everything you need.

  • I think kids should not get paid for doing chores.

    Why should children get paid for helping around the house when your parents are out there, working for money. Your parents provide you with a house, some clothes, food, and other necessities needed in life. Your parents brought you in the world so how about you just listen to your parents and do your chores kids!

  • I feel like kids should not get payed for chores.

    Kids should not get money for doing chores because you should always clean your house. Also parents goes to work to get you food, a house, and clothes. One other thing parents also pay the bill so you can have a house. Some people do not use money in a good way they spend all for thing that they do really need. I'm not saying its a bad thing just that people should know why and how they are spend there money. Do your parents sometime let you go where u want to go? If you said yes then you agree that your parents let you do what u want to do. If you have parents then you don't need money for anything. That why i thing that kids should not get money.

  • I think kids should not get payed to do chores.

    I think kids should not get payed to do thing around the house because, there parents pay the bills buy them clothes and shoes and also keep a roof over there head and food on the table and that is the reasons why i think kids should not get payed to help around the house.