Is Stauer a good watch for men

Stauer has absolutely gorgeous jewelry at the most reasonable prices I've ever seen anywhere. My whole life is centered on doing nice things for people and I find that giving jewelry to girls is the easiest possible way. I've never had anybody say, "No, I don't like jewelry." If you give perfume or books, you run into complications. But I've never heard any woman in my life who would turn down a piece of jewelry. I have bought rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and glasses. I belong to Stauer's platinum club where they automatically assign you to a salesperson. Regardless of the phone number you mark on your phone, you always end up automatically to this person. You develop a relationship and they know what you like and what they have, and that's how you get along.

I do look at their catalogs. To me, the catalog is the key and that's where the temptation comes about. The advertisement is excellent. Their marketing is fantastic, and I very seldom ever go into the web to see what else they offer because usually, what calls my attention are the articles of the jewelry that they feature on their catalogs. More recently, my platinum program expired. I have spent over probably $5,000 the last few years buying jewelry for several girlfriends and I've decided to cut down on this object as well as on the girlfriends. I've been trying to avoid the person that was assigned to me because I don't wanna get tempted into buying something.

Their salespeople were excellent, and I was treated very well. At one time, I was concerned whether or not the special discounts that were given to me by their salesperson was really applied and I requested copies of the invoices. They provided me and sure enough, every promise that the salesperson ever made, extraordinary promises and concessions, were applied to my invoices. I have absolute trust and confidence in the company.

I do recommend Stauer to everybody. One of the things they do is when I send gifts many times, to avoid delays, I have them delivered directly to the recipient. And they're very tricky. They include a catalog along with the gift. So, the next thing I know, the girls are aware of what's cooking. You can't fool them as far the price is concerned. They know what the price is. But then, they come back with comments about how gorgeous the stuff are. In two cases, they actually came back to me and told me if I wanted to give them a gift for Christmas, they wanted an item that they got from the catalog.

The only thing, and it took me a while to figure it out, is one of the reasons that they are able to provide beautiful stones and gorgeous workmanship is usually, on the stuff they feature, they have very small quantities. They advertise it and they tell you the truth that the ring only has 1.5 carats. If you figure it out, it's minuscule. If you wanna have something a little flashy, you have to go look for something else like a 5-carat. It takes you a little while to figure out that the picture in the catalog looks almost too good to be real because it's an enlargement of whatever the jewelry they wanna feature. But if you look at the specs, they don't hide it. They say 1.5 carats, and then you can make a decision.

I wasn't getting the rings in my possession since I was sending them directly to the ladies, but a couple of times, for whatever reason, I had those rings sent to me first. That was when I opened them and saw that they were kinda small. But the advertisement said so. It was 1.5 carats. It's a marketing plan but they're truthful. They're upfront. They tell you how much the thing weighs or the size. It's just that if you don't know jewelry, you tend to imagine a super gorgeous ring, fantastic color and that it's larger than what it looks like in the catalog. But once you figure it out, you can choose something larger or in Spanish we call it vistoso, more flashing. And they have it.

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