Is John Titor from an alternate timeline

If he was real, John Titor didn't stay in our time for long. After looking around, meeting the past versions of his family, and answering every question that his online following wanted to ask him, he said adios to the early 2000s. His final post appeared on March 24, 2001. To summarize why other time travelers didn't make a point to speak to denizens of the past, Titor wrote, "Quite frankly, you all scare the Hell out of me and I'm sure other temporal drivers would feel the same."

This post, which can still be seen on Stranger Dimensions, is also a lengthy speech where Titor explains what he believes is so terrible about the humans of present-day Earth, angrily stating his belief that people in the modern era needed to do a better job taking care of each other. In the post, Titor rails against the way people ignore the sick and homeless, as well as expressing his disbelief that people so callously drive right by anyone broken down on the side of the road, never asking if that person needs help.

Finally, John left his followers with a parting line that could have been a movie quote: "Bring a gas can with you when the car dies on the side of the road." After that, he sped away in his time traveling car into a temporally fleeting sunset, or whatever, presumably never to return ... right?