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Have you ever looked up in the sky and started to drool… Maybe it is just me. I love planes and I constantly think about flying. So much so, that I got into flying flight simulators many years ago. When I started flying sims, it was on FSX. I know, some of you may have started on much older sims, however this is where I got my start. FSX was a great sim, however my computer couldn’t keep up.

The sim was old and even on current hardware, it is still a CPU hog. After FSX I tried my hand at X-Plane 9, however I had trouble getting over the interface.  I then added a flight yoke, rudder pedals and a basic throttle quadrant(This is an Amazon affiliate link, which means that I do earn a small commision if you buy something from my link. I only show products that I believe in. I personally use the above products for my own flight. If you use my link, I truly appreciate it, however please don’t feel obligated to use it).

X-Plane 10 came out and I started to migrate over to the X-Plane world. I always wondered if flying X-Plane 10 felt as realistic as flying a real plane. About a year ago, I got to put this to the test. I began to work towards my private pilots licence. My first real flight was in an older Cessna 172. The flight was amazing. The sensation of flying was completely different. Although, I found my practice with sim rudder pedals helped a lot in controlling the plane on the ground, it was a completely different experience. Once I got in the plane I was hooked.

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My Most Recent Update

I upgraded my PC, got X-Plane 11, bought Fly Inside, and purchased an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The computer came, and I installed X-Plane 11, which has incredible graphics.  When the Oculus Rift arrived, it took my flight sim to another level. At this point in time, I have some hours under my belt in a real plane. When I put the headset on, I couldn’t believe how realistic it was. I will say, there is one small downside… The the graphics are not quite as crisp as a monitor, however the upside easily outweighs the downside.

The VR Flying experience

When you put on the headset, everything around you is gone. You are immersed in the cockpit of a plane. You look to the left and you see out the side of the plane. You can look anywhere you want and it is like you are sitting in the plane. You can lean forward to read the gauges or stretch up to get a better view of a landing. Even without the real world motion, the visuals make you feel like you are moving. The sound of the plane is all around you and moves with you as you move your head. The ability to look around, makes flight manoeuvres easier.

One of the complaints I have always heard about pilots who use flight sim, is that the flight simulation makes a real world pilot more reliant on his gauges. When you are out flying in VFR (Visual Flight Rules), you aren’t flying by gauges and this can make the transition difficult.  While flying a real plane, you should be looking outside most of the time. The VR really allows you to do this, as you are not restricted by looking straight ahead.

Here is a great article with a 100 year old man, who was a former air traffic controller and Army Air Corps pilot. It really puts VR flight into perspective. 100 year old man experiences virtual reality

I really think it is one of those things that has to be experienced. If you are interested in getting into virtual reality flight simulation, please keep watching my website, as I will going over many topics, including how to get setup and how much it will cost to get into VR flight. Hope you enjoyed the article. If you want to see more, please sign up for my mail list on the sidebar. This way, I can keep you posted with all the new content I have. I will not use your email for any other purpose, other than to get great content to you.

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