Is cotton twill suitable for quilting

I use quilting cottons a lot for my children’s clothes, mainly sketchbook shirts, skirts and tops aswell as dresses. I also use sateen, broadcloth and voile as well as some eyelet and I have used silk dauphinois which is exceptional to sew with

Velveteen, corduroy, denim, drill are mostly used for trousers and skirts but I have used them for dresses also.

For t shirts I use knit fabrics, mainly cotton knit for the children – one in particular is called Stella and I have only seen it in Australia. I have also used knits for leggings and some dresses and pants.

For pyjamas I tend to use quilting cottons for summer and flannel for winter and these can be counted as a quilting fabric.

The patterns generally tell you what you can use for that particular pattern but there is a book by Claire Schaeffer that describes the different fabrics and what they can be used for – Claire Schaeffer’s Fabric sewing guide. It is an inexpensive book that will help you find out about the fabrics you can use other than quilting cottons.

Hope this helps