How many BTS members are virgins

Alone, in a derelict world overrun by the reanimated dead, Kim Taehyung thought he had already lost everything.

Kim Taehyung was only at the ripe age of twelve when his world came crashing down before his eyes. Until he had met ten-year-old Jeon Jeongguk - his only living friend in this life ceasing realm, Taehyung had not known there were any living people left, he had not realized humanity survive and begun to surge against the virus in search for a cure.

However, One day Jeongguk had decided to leave and Taehyung had chosen not to follow after him for personal reasons, his mistake.

Now, eight years later at the age of twenty. Taehyung reunites with his childhood friend in a facility to barricade them from the abominations that lurk beyond its perimeter. And Jeongguk was potentially the cure for this disease.

Now, Taehyung will learn that there is so much more to lose.

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