How is Pitch Perfect 2

It has to be said: The music is great, but this sequel isn't aca-awesome. Nor is it aca-mazing, aca-licious, or any of the other words that describe the original, which was an inspired case of geeky genius. Pitch Perfect 2 tries to capture the same glory by relying on old reliables -- like the cast, for starters, most of whom are back. But the magic's not there, simply because we've seen much of this before. The plot is skeletal, the forces that move the story forward are rudimentary (and, it must be said, stereotypical -- are we really still making jokes about fearsome, robotic-seeming Germans?). And enough with the fat jokes that are meant to seem empowered simply because the self-named Fat Amy is making them.

Where Pitch Perfect 2does come alive is in the singing, which makes perfect sense, given that the film is, after all, about the joys of sisterhood, group harmony, and unbridled a capella love. See it for the music, but prepare to ignore some disappointments.