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Since 2002, GenScript's Peptide Synthesis Services have helped thousands of scientists publish their research in high impact peer-reviewed journals like Science, Nature, Cell, and PNAS.

  • - 1400+ peer-reviewed publications
  • - 10,000+ scientists
  • - 150,000+ peptides

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GenScript peptide synthesis gives us amazingly fast turnaround time and very competitive prices. Their peptide quality has been excellent. Our experience with them has been so positive that we have essentially shut down our internal peptide synthesis efforts and now use them for all of our custom peptides.

Robert Bao, Principal Investigator, PACT Pharma Inc., USA

I have ordered thousands of peptides with different length at GenScript, including modified forms. Both high quality and competitive price of each make GenScript our first choice."

Dr. Guo Luo, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA

"I have been using the peptides from your company since 2004. The high quality standard and competitive price of your company will keep us hooked, hopefully for the years to come."

Dr. Miguel Morales, Universidad de Barcelona, Spain

"Although I order infrequently I do appreciate the customer service, approx 2-week turnaround time, and rapid delivery to my location. Price is average or slightly lower than average. I have had opportunities to order from other companies at discounts but do not due to concerns about quality. I can depend on GenScript quality."

Dr. Steven Applequist, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden

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