How do I get temporary health insurance

Life has twists and turns for all of us.

Sometimes you see them coming.

Sometimes you don't,

like when you land that new job

and have to wait a bit for your benefits to start

or your existing health insurance plan is about to end

and you need to act fast like today

for coverage tomorrow.

Short-term plans underwritten

by Golden Rule Insurance Company,

a UnitedHealthcare company,

offer budget-friendly coverage

for doctor office visits, ER visits,

hospital stays, labs, and most cover prescriptions,

and in some cases, once you apply

and your application is approved,

you can start your plan in as little as one day.

You can also apply for the length of coverage time

that you think you'll need,

starting at 30 days up to just under 12 months

in most states.

There are a few things to consider.

Short-term medical plans are not ACA coverage,

which means it isn't considered minimum essential coverage.

We'll have some medical questions on the application

because short-term plans do not provide coverage

for preexisting medical conditions.

That means if you are being treated for a medical condition

or are experiencing symptoms before coverage begins,

then the policy won't cover those things.

The plan is designed to cover you

if new medical issues arise during your coverage period.

However, you can apply for short-term medical plans

all year round,

and in many cases, coverage can begin

the day after you apply.

UnitedHealthcare's short-term medical plans,

underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company,

fast and flexible, which might be just what you need

to handle life's twists and turns.