How do Arab men treat their wives

There are thriving Muslim communities throughout the world and these communities could not exist without successful marriages.

I know that Muslim men wrongly have a

reputation in the West for ill treating and oppressing their women.

You must keep in mind that as a rule Muslim will mostly only marry a Muslim, and therefore the parties, both man and woman will know the Muslim value system for marriages, but this is subject to interpretation and opinion. Therefore the nature fo Muslim marriages, like most marriages, vary depending on many factors including the independent thought and beliefs of the wives.

Some Muslim men maybe misdirecting themselves about the these rules of Islam and ill treat the women in their lives, but this does not mean that all Muslim men are doing this.

A significant amount of Western women too complain that their partners/husband think that they own them.

The incidence of this is significant enough to be made into a huge media story and become the attention of several non profit organisations who deal with the plight of women, and I dare say specialist group for the protection of non Muslim is overdue.

There are so many western initiaated groups for the protection of Muslim women some no doubt out of real care, but one can't help feel with all the Muslim bashing that is going around which target ( directly or indirectly) innocent ordinary member of community Muslims, that some of these groups do have a political agenda.

We must keep in mind that Muslim woman who chose to be in Muslim marriages do so by choice, the vast majority have happy marriages and there is no stereotypical Muslim wife or marriage, as there is not streotypical.

Muslim marriages vary in complexity like that of any other religion

with some couples being more religious than others.

There are Muslim marriages where one spouse maybe more religious than the other, and most certainly there are Muslim marriages where spouses have different opinions like spouses in any other community.

I am still waiting for the survey where someone actually got into the vast majority of the Muslim marriages and then concluded that Muslim marriages are oppresive to the wife.

I am a non Muslim but I can say that moderate Muslim value system which shares much in common to Western values can be of benefit to those Western women ( not all) who have strayed from the good Western Value, because it does seem that Islam is more successful in applying the coommon good value systems that are common to all religions more successfully than the West.