How can people read my thoughts

If you keep thinking that people can hear thoughts in your head them some will actualy be able to, you are (kind of inadvertantly) transmitting your thoughts to them. No one can really deny teh exsistance of telepathy.

On the other hand if these weird thoughts happend because of people saying what you were thinking before hand read on. Some people can do it at will and tune into someone elses mind, it's an abillity that is becoming increasingly common as the world evolves.

If this is happening continuesly but only with certain people my advise would be to cut off all contact with them and don't think about them at all. After all they would be violating your mental privacy without your consent.

Learn how to do it your self. State with confidence and emotion (get angry if nessecery) that they tell your self they are a **** and you want nothing to do with them. That will work in most cases. More often than not in these matters the person is too open, they might be needy, get too attached to people, rely on others for happyness too much or be taking or have taken too many drugs, these are things, you want to look into, look into your self and find out why you are experencing this probelm.

Just thought I'd add, please don't think your schitzopherenic, spontanius telepathy often happens with schitzos but it is not in it's self a sign of the condition. Telepathy spontanius or not is real and actualy far more common than most realise.

I mean no disrespect to dragon.fl or whatever shes called, but just because someone has psychic abillity's does not in any way mean they are good people or elightend beings, there is light and there is darkness, and in the darkness there is no right and wrong. Would you really want someone to know you as well as you know your self, without you knowing them equally as well? Your mates may well have no bad intentions for what I know, ask them about it and if they deny it then you'll know that they are arseholes.