Have you ever lived in a mountain

Have you ever wanted to achieve a dream?
Was your dream further away than it seemed?
Did you want to give up? Not press your luck?
Did it feel like your feet were firmly stuck?

Or did you find a mountain to climb?
One so tall that to climb it would take tons of time.
Have you tried to climb a mountain to reach a dream?
After climbing partway, did you run out of steam?

A mountain is a tall task to climb.
There are many tools you must find.
Poles and packs and stuff that’s quite clever.
That way you can climb faster than ever!

You’re going to need lots of other stuff too!
Gloves and coats and maybe a pair of shoes.
You’re going to need lots of supplies!
Climbing a mountain usually takes more than just a night!

Do you have a dream you want to chase?
Then go the mountain and get your feet into place!
One foot, then two feet, then three feet, then four.
Pretty soon, climbing a mountain won’t even seem like a chore!

Yes! The best thing you can do is take that first step forward.
Dreams just don’t come to you when they’re ordered!
Every step you take gets you closer to your dream.
The summit is up there! It will get within your reach!

It takes a lot of work to climb a mountain every day.
You can get tired and may want to find an easier way.
Have you ever seen someone jump to the summit in one single bound?
That’s usually not the way dreams are found.

Instead it comes step after hard step.
It comes by adapting to what you find next.
You might have to hike around a thick patch of brush.
After all, climbing a mountain can’t really be rushed.

You might sometimes get stuck in some thick mud.
You might get scratched and lose a little blood.
You might get cold and shiver all night long.
Yet on that mountain… that’s where you belong!

When you feel like giving up, keep going!
If you have to cross a lake, start rowing!
With every step you take, you’re the one who is growing!
Going after a dream really gets your juices flowing!

With every step you take, the summit is one step closer.
That means you’re one step closer to your climb being over!
You can do it! You can make it to the top!
All you’ve got to do is give it everything you got!

When you do reach the summit, make sure to plant your flag.
Take a moment, enjoy the view, and set down your bags.
Not everyone decides to make it to the summit.
But not you! You can proudly say that you’ve done it!

Some people climb mountains faster than others.
Some people will go slower than another.
When you keep going, you’ll always feel quite pleased.
That way any dream you have can be achieved!


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