Have you ever been your own hero

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Last year in my old apartment, I was walking around naked at 12-1am to get some food after a shower. Everything's pitch dark (light's are off everywhere), so I figured the coast is clear.
As soon as I open the fridge, l hear some rustling from a room right next to the kitchen. Somewhat paranoid, I figured the door was gonna slip open any second, so I already started the process of closing the fridge door. I started tiptoeing away to my room before it fully closed.

And then the roommate's door opened. Right as I was tiptoeing past it.

And there was still some light from the fridge before it closed.

I think he got a good glimpse of my naked sides and ass as I kept tiptoeing away saying "oh hey" to him (not looking back though). He also did regular "oh hey" greeting to me too, before closing his door. With me back in my room, my heart was beating rapidly.


The next day, neither of us spoke about it. Regular greetings, regular idle banter.

We never spoke about it.

I'll never know if he even saw me naked, or just a vague outline of me.
Oh well.

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We went on a field trip to Transylvania, where we were placed at families, 2-3 kids at each house. I was with a boy from a class above me. We had our own rooms, but unfortunately I wasn't used to locking doors. One morning I was changing, running a bit late, and as I was standing there stark naked, the boy walked in. I assume he wanted to ask if I was ready to leave, but my answer was pretty obvious from the sight. I tried to hide behind the sofa, but it was too late. He stormed out right away, and there wasn't much to see anyway, I was around 11, but it was still really embarrassing. So from then on, I avoided him as best as I could.

That's the only time I was seen naked accidentally, outside of family.