Has anyone seen ghosts for real

I have been seeing them all my life. Contrary to popular belief, they can and do go to church and are often out during the day.

I have seen so many that, at times, I do not recognize them for ghosts, The often just seem like mortals to me until later.

The first I saw was of an old Auntie. She would sit next to the bed and talk to my sister, who she had been aware of the imminent birth of, but never pay me any attention. I am 3 years younger and Auntie had no awareness of my birth and so, it seems, me.

I have been told that where I work is haunted by a man who was killed on the lot of land the store is now built on. Often, I have arrived and found everyone outside while the police search the building for someone inside. I, sadly, have not had the pleasure of seeing him, I think. It is possible that, if I have seen him. I just thought he was a customer and asked if he needed anything.

They do not scare me. Why should they as I am so used to them. Even my Grandma came and visited me at least twice. I waited for my Papa but I guess his business was done and he didn't have anything else to say.