Does two factor authentication render passwords useless

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So even though it is fallible, face recognition is surprisingly one of the most protected forms of security out there as the technology needed to enhance this type of lock gets better and better. A research group in Australia even tried tricking Windows Hello! using identical twins. One twin would register their face into the system and the other would try to unlock it. Windows won every time and until someone wastes their time figuring out a way to morph their face into a perfect replicant, I think facial recognition is one of the best ways to secure your sensitive info.

So take that creepy shit somewhere else, you two.

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Where does all of this leave us? Well, from the security structures we currently have in our arsenal, passphrases and facial recognition are the two most difficult nuts to crack when hackers get involved. Ideally, if the technology to manufacture more advanced facial recognition software becomes cheaper to make and sell, a combination of passphrase and facial recognition could be the key to locking down important data.

Let's say someone manages to steal your passphrase, or maybe they spend 108,000 years and are eventually able to crack it. If it were paired with face recognition, it wouldn't matter if they have the passphrase or not; you have to be physically sitting in front of your PC in order to unlock it. Is it a perfect system? No. But that's the nature of the art of hacking: to make technology work the opposite way it's supposed to. It means breaking down the secure barriers just to prove that you can. But until the hacking community can crack a super long passphrase while wearing your face, we'll have to consider this the safest we're going to get. Especially when anyone reading this can now do a quick Google search to pull up some 20,000 politically sensitive emails that were supposed to be private.

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Now go out there and run for president with confidence! I hear just about anyone is qualified these days.

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