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The Worst PUA In All History (is from RSD)

From Roissy's twitter:

The Worst PUA In All History (is from RSD)...

No matter how bad you are, you aren’t worse than this guy:

Quote:Hey guys,

I’ve been a longtime lurker of these forums and a rejection Sunday afternoon finally got me to make an account.

It was the most painful rejection of my life.

Here’s what happened:

So I’m in riding the NYC subway Sunday afternoon, and I’m on my way to a day 2.

There’s an HB 8.5 (probably a model) sitting across from me. Next to her are four 14-15 year old girls. They’re loud and obnoxious like most girls their ages are.

I decide to open the girls in order to create an opening to talk to the 8.5.

And I think of something really funny to say. In fact, it’s so self amusing that I actually begin laughing out loud ON THE TRAIN as I consider using it.

I collect myself and stand up from my seat thinking, “This is gonna be great. This line is so self-amusing that everybody’s gonna laugh. I’m gonna be so high val for making everybody laugh. This is gonna be so awesome.”

And then I lean over the girls and use it:

“Have you girls had your period yet?”

“WHAT!?” they yell.

Now in my mind I’m thinking, “fuck yeah, shock an awe.”

Except I don’t hear anybody laughing…

I think, maybe they didn’t hear me so I say it again, just as confidently as before.

Immediately afterwards, some stupid guido bitch behind me yells, “Did you just ask those girls if they had their periods!?”

But I remained present and ignored him. I turned to 8.5 and she looked mortified. Nonetheless, I managed to remain non-reactive (I’m still very proud of that).

I stared her in the eyes and said “You! You need to go on a date with me!”

And her jaw fucking dropped. At this point, I’m once again thinking, “Shock and awe baby!” But this time I’m even more sure of it.


And at this, everybody nearby starts yelling at me. One guy even pushed me. I try to go back to my seat but the train was crowded and a woman and her young daughter had already taken it.

People continued yelling at me, the same guy who pushed me slapped me in the face.

I considered clawing the girl as a last resort measure but people were just being so mean to me that I couldn’t do it.

And I didn’t have anywhere to go, so I just stood there as they yelled at me.

And then I began feeling really angry. Bitter and angry. And without realizing, I turned to the 8.5 and started yelling at her, “You know I did this for you! I did this because I liked you! You didn’t have to be a jerk to me!”


People started clapping for her.

The whole time the 14-15 year old girls weren’t saying anything, they were just giggling.

I turned to everybody and started yelling I hate you I hate you, and they yelled things like “Yeah well we hate you too.” or “Get off the train!” or “You’re a loser!”

They all hurt equally.

But I was overcome with frustration and bitterness so I yelled back.

And then it got quiet and the train came to a halt in the tunnel. Nobody was saying a word. It was maybe the most awkward uncomfortable moment of my life. I was looking at my feet the whole time. I couldn’t look at anybody. And as the train sat there, I tried holding back my tears, but I couldn’t help it and I actually cried a little. And I’m pretty sure everybody could tell.

Then the train started moving again.

And we pulled into the station.

And even though it wasn’t my stop, I got out anyway so I could change train cars. But right before getting out, I turned to yell the only thing that could come to mind, “You all are bad people and you should be ash-ash-ashamed of how mean you are! I hate all of you!” I stuttered while saying ashamed. I still remember that.

And then, because I took the extra time to say that to everybody, I didn’t have time to run into the next car. And the kicker was that everybody in the train saw me try to get in, but mess up. And as the train pulled away, I could see some of the people in the train laughing at me.

And it didn’t feel good.

And then, when I finally showed up to my date 25 minutes late (there was a delay and the next train took forever), I was so distraught over my rejection and my state was so ruined that the girl told me she had to go 15 minutes into the date, left abruptly, and won’t return my texts.

But you know what. It’s not all bad.

I stuck to my principles: I was self-amused and at the beginning, when I delivered the first line, I felt entitled because the girls were so much younger than me. Even though the 8.5 rejected me, at least I didn’t chode out of opening her. I did it, and most other guys wouldn’t have even had the courage to do that. And you know what, in the long run, it’s rejections like these that are going to end up making me an icy pimp.

I firmly believe that.

Anyway guys, that’s the worst rejection I’ve ever had. It was so bad, that I couldn’t bear dwelling on it any longer. I had to share it with all of you.

Maybe you guys have some good ones to share too.

Maybe you could give me some advice on what I should have done differently. On what you would have done?