Does Pinterests iPhone app use UIWebViews

From Apple's guide in Support Universal Links:

When you support universal links, iOS 9 users can tap a link to your website and get seamlessly redirected to your installed app without going through Safari. If your app isn’t installed, tapping a link to your website opens your website in Safari.

But i'm confused that if my app is not installed,and I tap a universal link of my app in another app's UIWebView,will the system launch Safari app to load my website,or still load it in the UIWebView?

I test some app's universal links when the app is not installed,and they never launch Safari to load the next page ,they still load it in the UIWebView.

I want to konw if it's possible to launch Safari,but not stay in UIWebView.Do I need any configuration in file?

Actually I want to trace where my app was installed from by using cookie.I can store a cookie in Safari with informations of the download page,and get the cookie with when my app is installed and opened,and present different views according to the cookie.

asked Aug 25 '16 at 6:42


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