Does coconut paste cure Parkinsons

In November, I did a piece about alternative treatments for Parkinson's,  mostly coconut oil. Here's the link to that story.

Yesterday, The Michael J. Fox Foundation had a Facebook post about why people should beware of coconut oil. I thought this could be a good alternate view to what I posted two months ago. It turned out to be a YouTube video with one of their staff doctors saying that nothing has been proven about using coconut oil to help with Parkinson's or any other neurological diseases.

Wow!! Thanks for that in depth analysis. That was 53 seconds of my life I'll never get back.

However what I did find interesting were the comments under the piece. Real people talking about real life problems and looking for solutions.

      • Alene Dee Nelson But it has worked for me! We stir fry all our fresh veggies in it every night. Since we started, my instances of "falling down" and bouncing down the hallway like a ping pong ball have almost stopped and my memory retention has increased enough to work for one of the biggest companies world wide. Another thing no one really "talks" about is how much Domperidone Tablets decrease tremors. You can't even buy it in this country, but it costs only 40.00 to buy it out of country, even though the Mayo Clinic has done positive research on it's use and Parkinson's/tremors no one speaks of it.
        • Alicia Friday Wright actually research since the 1950s on the therapeutic use of levodopa in the treatment of Parkinson's Disease has proven it is the gold standard treatment, winning a Nobel prize in 2000 for it. They kinda do know it works. Don't confuse treatment with cure.
    • GeorgeAnn Day It's too bad. I gave my mom Coconut Oil in foods I made. She went from calling the trees "things" to trees. She had better cognitive skills. At least for 8 months! She was well in to it when I started. If you wait for "Scientific proof", you'll be dead!
    • Kristin Werner Everyone with parkinsons should try Zandopa. You can get it on amazon. Its been a lifesaver for my boyfriend. Its not expensive. Do yourself a favor and just try it. Even his Dr has made it a part of his medication regimen
    • Kim Arauz I agree with Chan Hardy. Use it as a complimentary treatment. I don't think it would cure but more likely slow the progression of the disease. People should check out the book Grain Brain.
    • John Marlowe Without neural interfacing, I doubt much progress can be made. New diagnostic tools need to be conceived. Then researchers will know the right track to pursue once they observe what is wrong.
    • Bobbie Short I have parkingsons and I've been cooking with it for almost 5 months now and I can't tell the difference atleast right now but i'll keep trying it because I don't feel like my doctor is doing no good for me r my treatment .
      • Alicia Friday Wright Melinda people make claims that we can do away with our medication and use coconut oil instead. There is no evidence to support that it works. Using it in conjunction with your medication is a different thing.
      • The above  shows that different things work for different people. As hard as Parkinson's is to diagnose, it's also that hard to find something that works to ease the pain and make life easier.
        You just keep trying and don't give up!!