Do you prefer Italian or French cuisine

Coming from someone who has tried a huge variety of foods (I am Chinese, living in Canada), I'm not the type to immediately jump on the "pizza pasta" train like a lot of people do. In my personal opinion, both French and Italian cuisines are delicious, but after going to both France and Italy (and many other European countries), it has led me to believe that French cuisine is a fair bit heavier than Italian cuisine. This may be an overgeneralization, but from my experiences, French cuisine seems a lot unhealthier and extravagant than Italian cuisine.

If I were to have a choice to eat one meal of either cuisine, I would choose French because it is extravagant and has very complex and unique flavours which may be hard to replicate at home (and it's delicious).

If I were to eat the same type of cuisine for a month straight, I would choose Italian because it is healthier and simpler, and I would probably not get sick of it for a much longer time as it has cleaner, simpler flavours that I would never get tired of (unlike the oilyness of Dim Sum for example, or the butteryness of French cuisine). (and it's delicious)


As an extension, I would probably enjoy the highest class French dishes more than the highest class Italian dishes, but I would enjoy everyday Italian food more than everyday French food.