Do you eat dinner with your family

By Theodore N.

In middle school students have lots of homework and might hang with their friends.

When the pupils have lots of homework they will usually eat in their room by themselves.

When the student is with a friend, they will usually eat out.

This brings me to ask the question, do middle school students eat dinner with their parents?

There were fifteen students in all middle school grades interviewed.

Seventh grader Isabella D stated, “I eat with my family at dinner because I bond with them and my mom cooks very well.”

Some people like Isabella, make time to eat with their family, no matter how much homework they have.

Seventh Grader Julia S said, “I usually do not eat food with my family. I watch TV or do homework on my own.”

But some other people for example Julia, sometimes can not always eat dinner with their families.

In conclusion the results of the survey proved that although students have a lot of homework most of them manage or make time to eat with their families.

Although people eat with and without their families, remember that family time is also important when doing homework or hanging out with you friends.

The results were eleven middle schoolers that eat with their family and four middle schoolers that do not eat with their family.

Now ask yourself, do you eat dinner with your family?

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