Can money buy trust

Money is important, yes, but it’s not everything. Some people get real defensive–usually covering their own insecurity. The trouble with material things is huge ASSUMPTIONS,, we perceive and even worse, buy into mere fiction, and develop this, “They have money, their lives must be perfect, they get whatever they want.” I know some millionaires (some of which are money elitists) many of these things on here are things they lack and often wish they had. It’s kind of sad really, they grow up not knowing how the real world works and fall so terribly hard, I’ve seen it. Nearly all outside relationships they get into someone wants something from them. Net worth and Trust Funds ARE NOT invincible or immunity to poverty, plenty of riches to rags stories out there.

I visit people (relatives of friends who have moved) in a retirement home, a nice one, where some people there wear high up in politics once. Not once have I ever hear any of them say, “I wish I made more money in life,” or “I wish I worked harder.” If they had any regrets it is, “I wish I spent more time with family,” or “I wish made that extra effort to get to know my children better/worked less.” Family and genuine good friends is priceless. There are many out there who don’t have it or have been broken due to material issues.