Can I register marriage anywhere in India

Now there exists lots of ambiguity regarding this issue. In some states the Marriage which is solemnized in that very state can only be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act,1955 & even under the Special Marriage Act,1954, for example this rule exist in state of Haryana which is strictly followed . All those migrant to this state who got married in some other state but now moved to this state for the purpose of job & wants their unregistered Hindu marriage registered in the district of Haryana where they now work & stay, now because of such silly rule drafted by the Bureaucrats of the level of State Secretary level sitting in the Haryana Government in Chandigarh, such immigrant people in Haryana are not allowed to get their marriage registered in Haryana & asked to contact Marriage Registrar of the state/distract where their marriage was solemnized. Now what the real problem arise in such case that when these couples visit the state/district where they actually got married because of lack of proof of residence of that place the marriage officer/registrar refuse to register their marriage there in that state. Now these couples are helpless as they are unable to get their marriage registered due to such unfriendly rules & non cooperation of the marriage officer/registrar. Some state however are not bothered where the marriage took place & register the marriage if the parties have a residential proof as in case of state of Delhi, in such case if the parties are not having the proof of residence they won't be able to register their marriage, however to get a proof of residence in the form of say ration card even for people living on rent is not a problem but it takes sometime, but once they have this or any other residential proof their marriage can be registered by the Marriage officer/registrar. I have been repeatedly requesting every one here in Yahoo answers as well in person that whenever you are arranging for your wedding just arrange a lawyer who will get your marriage registered as soon as it is preformed say on the next few days, but guys feel that spending on lawyer for this purpose will be of no use as this registration of marriage is not so important as riding a mare/female horse or arranging loud & vulgar band for wedding, thus ultimately when it comes to getting passport or spousal visa/immigration they realize that the thousands of rupees they spent on these use less things in their wedding time was mere wastage of money & the marriage registration was most important issue which they did not got at that time. Let ever one reading this reply make it first point in their wedding arrangements to engage a lawyer for getting their marriage registered as soon as possible. I know many fools will come out here & say why engage a lawyer for this purpose one can get it done it himself/herself, my reply to all those people is yes one can get this marriage registration done himself/herself but which they forget to get it done in time, but when you pay & engage a lawyer in advance for this purpose you will never forget it & make it a point to get it done as soon as possible. I have been contacted by people who got married long back in year 1974, (when I myself was a school going student) but never got their marriage registered then & now want it as their children who are settled in USA want to sponsor them there & their marriage certificate from the marriage registrar is required for this purpose, what I can say to such e-mails!

Source(s): I am a Lawyer.