Can I read Sai Satcharitra at home

Reasons for Reading Sai Satcharitra 

Devotees can do Sai Satcharitra parayan(reading)  daily one chapter or Saptah Parayan that is completing the reading within a week.For that you need to start on a thursday and end by a wednesday.It is also said that if the complete book is read in one weeks time it is said all the wishes and desires will be fulfilled.

Can be done for various reasons/prayers,

Some wish/desire getting it fulfilled.

Health issues.

Problems and worries will also be removed.

Good Education,knowledge,focus and concentration in studies and also securing good results over all.

Employement and job related

Financial Crisis

Family and relationship related issues.

Interest for Satcharitra

Love and devotion for Baba

Love and devotion to hear his leelas

Attaining salvation,success in path of self-realization,spiritual raise.

Overcome pride,ego,control over all elements.

Betterment of life.

For peace,happiness and prosperity.

There are many more reasons but the best i have read,experienced and known i am sharing here.

Basically Parayan or reading satcharitra can fulfill any desires of any devotees.

Ultimately Babas grace and blessings are really essential to attain anything.He has a unique method to know the devotees and pull the devotees to him.Also he knows the worth of a devotee,his motive,his devotion,his love,faith,patience,past,present,future and all.Just reading alone cannot make one accomplish things and get the desires fulfilled,blessings and grace  of baba and Shraddha and Saburi is very important for a devotee.He shall do the best for his devotees.He knows when,where,how to give for his devotees.Just complete surrender to babas holy feet is the ultimate.Shraddha & Saburi is the greatest element to attain success.

Parayan Procedure:

There is no hard and fast rules.Love & devotion accompanied with Shraddha & Saburi gives you all.

Devotees can do saptah by starting your parayan on one thursday and end by Wednesday(that is 7 days)

Pray Baba for a wish,light lamp/Diya apply babas udi and start reading.

Satcharitra has 51 chapters.It can be divided to 7 chapters to make reading easy for 7 days.Its ultimately devotees wish and convenience.

Prasad can also be offered everyday or any fruit,dry fruit,sugar candy can be offered or at the end of the 7th day after complete parayan you can go to temple if possible and provide prasads. Whatever is convenient.If there is no temple nearby prepare any prasad and offer to Baba idol or Portrait you have at home and circulate some prasads to friends/neighbours. Dakshina or Prasad should be offered.7th day Wednesday it should get complete.

Same can be implemented if you do daily one chapter reading.On the 51st day you complete the reading so you can offer Dakshina or Prasads.

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