Can an Indian have dual passports

Re: Minor Child born in India can hold Dual Passports

Postby secret.simon » Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:40 pm

Children born with dual Indian/other citizenship are allowed to hold both citizenships until the age of 18, when they must choose one.

So this applies to
a) the child of a foreign parent and an Indian parent born in India
b) in the case of the UK, a child born to an Indian citizen holding ILR at the time of birth of the child

However, children who acquire another citizenship after birth, such as by registration in the UK after their parent gets ILR, lose their Indian citizenship automatically on acquisition of another citizenship.

Also, note that even an Indian citizen with dual citizenship at birth loses his Indian citizenship if he acquires a non-Indian passport.

In simple terms, an Indian citizen born with multiple citizenship can retain those multiple citizenships either until the age of 21 OR until the acquisition of a non-Indian passport.

An Indian citizen cannot have a non-Indian passport.

So, a dual Indian-British citizen would lose his Indian citizenship if he applies for a British passport. Such a citizen would be advised to apply for a CoE-RoA, which allows the holder free entry and exit from the UK, but does not give any rights in the EU.

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