Are pigtails fashionable to wear nowadays

There are some hair styles that our mothers made us wear that make us say, "What were you thinking, Mom?!" And there are others that are so mortifying, we've buried all photographic evidence away for good.

But there is the one that we secretly missed way past their age limit. Enter the pigtails, which you may have retired at around 10 years old—other than that time at cheerleading camp…and volleyball practice…

There are multiple reasons the oldie-but-goodie style continues to pop up. One, they're easy enough for us to create even on the worst of hair days. Two, they stay in place no matter stay in place no matter what we do from sun up to sun down, which is why mom loved 'em. And three, a pigtail is just so darn cute! Honestly, even the word pigtails gets us giddy.

By happy chance, the style has made a comeback this season. Since they also appeared in the collections of top designers (like Donna Karan and Jeremy Scott), the trend will continue through the summer.

Page through the slideshow above for inspiration on how to rock big-girl pigtails—straight from the runways and your favorite celebs.