Are Japanese people supertasters

Loving these comments!

Of course, point out to Japanese people that their food, both natural and processed, is incredibly salty (which it is the unitiated, admit it), and they'll insist that it's just the "umami" and our crude foreign palates aren't sensitive enough to appreciate it.

And what about the way they have deep-fry everything in breadcrumbs, and then slather worcester sauce all over it? I just can't stand the smell of that stuff, it's gotten to the stage that I have to avoid my local supermarket on certain days, because of the nasty smell of old cooking oil lingering in the air. It's disgusting.

And don't you love the way your side-salad always comes smothered with garish-looking dressing? Because heaven forbid we should be allowed to appreciate vegetables in their natural state.

Fish, beans, rice, and nasty-smelling sauces. Japanese cuisine is probably the most overrrated cuisine in the world. Someone at UNESCO is living high on the hog right now!

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