Are aunts parents sisters

You’ve heard of them: kissing cousins, quasi cousins, back-door cousins, etc. The thing is, the removals issue is complicated enough for most folks to deal with. So here’s the truth of the matter: these ‘other cousins’ are not cousins at all.

Well, except maybe the ‘kissing cousins.’ Depending on regional usage, these might be very close cousins, with whom you grew up, and would hug and kiss on meeting.

The other definition is that they are second, third or fourth cousins, or cousins of a distant enough removal that it would be legal to marry them. (Though, that might be weird, like marrying someone your grandparent’s age, or grandchild’s age, depending which way it went). First cousins are not allowed to marry.

For the rest, quasi (pronounced as ‘kwah-zee’) cousins are no relation to you at all. They may be a close family friend, or related to another family member but only by marriage. I can offer an example from my own childhood. Within our family, to be silly, we pronounced it as 'kway-zee,' and ultimately, it became 'crazy.'

As I mentioned, we lived across the country from my cousins who were my own age, or nearly so. We visited them only about eight times when I was growing up, and I got to meet and know all of my mother’s side of the family. (Luckily, my father worked for an airline, so we got discounted tickets; otherwise, I might not have even had that contact.)