Ancient kingdom of Nepal

The Ancient Kingdom of Mustang Trek Nepal

Best Time for Mustang Trekking:  Summer (March – October) $2850 

 *This trek is limited and we can only guarantee your place once we secure your trekking permit which ensures entry to Upper Mustang. Please book as soon as possible.  We will do our best to accommodate last minute bookings. 

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Mustang Trek Highlights

  • Ancient Tibetan Culture – people live here as they did 300 years ago.
  • Entrance to once Forbidden Kingdom of Upper Mustang
  • Lo Manthang – Home of the King of Mustang
  • View of Caves of Mustang – as featured on National Geographic Channel
  • Cultural Immersion trek with local guide.  Our guides explain culture, take you to ceremonies, explain Tibetan practices, and Himalayan way of life.

Lo Manthang, the capital of the former Tibetan Kingdom of Mustang (part of Nepal since the 1950s) is considered one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world.  The quiet streets are unspoiled by cars, lights, or the noises of modern society.  Trekking to this the remote region of Nepal is still restrictive  – permits for Upper Mustang are generally 10 days at a time (permits can be extended for private treks).  Our Nepali (and Mustangi) guides want to take you there! See unspoiled Mustang on this cultural immersion trek.

Our local guide, Karma Samdup (Mustangi), takes you to the place of his birth and shares is special culture with you on this 14 day adventure.    TREKT Himalaya is proud to have Karma as our exclusive guide for Mustang.   He recently lead New York Times correspondent Edward Wong to Lo Manthang for his report titled Myths and Mountains of Nepal. Karma will introduce you to his friends and favorite places while you adventure into a land that time forgot.  He is one of the best guides for the region, and loves sharing his stories with our trekkers.

Education Experience:  The Upper Mustang Trek is a great alternative for travelers who want to experience real Tibetan culture as it was in the past.   The Loba (Lo Pa) people are ethnic Tibetan and practice a form of Buddhism from the Sakya lineage.   There is also a sect of the rare Bon religion here.  The Bon priests practice along with Tibetan lamas at local festival.  For those who are interested in religion, anthropology, Asian studies, mythology, art or antiquity this is a great field study.

Videos of Mustang Region Nepal

Check out this video of a Bon Religion ritual made by a Russian tourist:

Here is a from the Vanishing Cultures Project about Mustang:

Monks and a horse Upper Mustang Trekking Nepal

Gompa - Monastery Himalaya - Mustang Trek

Tibetan buddhist mantras - Mustang Trek

On the Upper Mustang Trek Nepal, ancient Tibetan culture prevails. These stones are mantras meant to remind the travel to walk the middle path.

Chorten Upper Mustang Trek Nepal

Mustang is steeped in Tibetan buddhism. Trekkers see many chortens, stupas and gompas along this Nepal trek.

Kagbeni, Upper Mustang Nepal

Chorten Upper Mustang Trek Nepal

Mustang is steeped in Tibetan buddhism. Trekkers see many chortens, stupas and gompas along this Nepal trek.

Ancient chortens - Tibetan Buddhism - Himalaya Nepal Trekking